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SG1 slash fic Leaving Colorado 2


"You okay in here?" Jack poked his head around the door.

Daniel was sitting on the edge of the bed, one hand rubbing at his bad leg. "Yeah, leg cramped up, that's all. I'm fine." That at least was true.

Jack walked over to kneel between his legs and began a slow but firm massage of the cramping thigh muscle.

"I can do it myself," Daniel said but he closed his eyes in pleasure as Jack's hands continued their comforting stroke.

"I like doing it for you," Jack murmured, deliberately letting his hands stray closer to Daniel's groin as the muscle loosened up and the cramp disappeared.

Daniel's eyes flew open at the first fleeting touch of Jack's fingers on his genitals. "Don't!" he said, moving away, stumbling to his feet and grabbing for the side table as he almost fell.

"Damn, Daniel, I'm sorry... I just..." Jack stood as well and reached a hand out to grasp Daniel's shoulder. "I'm sorry."

"It's fine. I'm just a little jumpy still." Daniel hobbled to the bathroom door, opened it and walked inside, closing it before Jack could follow.

Jack heard the lock snick and winced at the obvious snub. "I'll make some coffee," he called over the noise of the shower running.

He'd just finished making it when Daniel walked into the kitchen, dressed, his hair damp and spiky still. Jack wanted nothing more than to walk across and take him in his arms, hold him close, kiss that sweet sensual mouth... He didn't though. He held a mug aloft instead. "Coffee?"

"Thanks." Daniel slumped down at the table, wincing as various injuries obviously checked in.

Next to the coffee mug Jack placed the bottle of codeine Fraiser had prescribed when Daniel had first been injured on Ataria and added a glass of water. "Take something please. You're in pain," he said at Daniel's enquiring look. It worried him even more when Daniel did. He waited till he'd swallowed the pills then sat opposite him, snaking a hand across the table to hold Daniel's. "Please tell me what happened."

Daniel gulped a quick swallow of coffee then placed the mug back on the table with exaggerated care. "They know about us," he said flatly.

"Who?" Jack asked, blood already boiling.

"I didn't see his face," Daniel replied. "Can't you just let it go?"

"No, I can't," Jack said. "Why the hell would you want me to?"

"Because if you don't, if you try to find out who this was, if you manage to bring them to court martial, they'll say why they beat me up and then the Air Force will know about us and you'll lose your career and-"

"I don't care," Jack said, really meaning it for the first time.

"Of course you do," Daniel said, sounding tired. "That's why we kept the whole thing under wraps." He sighed then swallowed down the rest of his coffee. "Maybe we should just forget it. Go back to being friends."

"I don't think I can do that."

"Why not?" Daniel stood, walked stiffly across the kitchen and placed his mug in the sink then turned back to Jack, his eyes suspiciously damp.

Jack pushed his chair back and walked across to him. He cupped Daniel's cheek in his hand then leaned forward and kissed him, slowly, deeply with all the love he could convey in that one caress. "That's why," he said as he pulled back.

"I know that part of it, Jack," Daniel said. "It's that part of it that could ruin your life..."

"And yours too."

Daniel laughed bitterly. "Wouldn't be the first time my reputation's been trashed," he said.

"I fought for the freedom of all, not just for the straight guys."

Daniel couldn't help laughing at that. "God, Jack, only you could come up with a line like that."

"You really don't want to go any further with this, do you?" Jack asked.

"No. I know that doesn't make any sense to you but it's what I want. I just want things to go back to what they were. Okay? I won’t press charges."

Jack nodded reluctantly. " I can’t force you to press charges or to testify if we caught the guy,” he said then added, “You need to eat after taking those meds," he said, turning to pull steaks out of the freezer.

Daniel just nodded agreement, accepting the capitulation. "Thanks."


The first team night after Jamison had returned to active duty had been difficult for Daniel. Jamison had eyed him over and asked where his cane was then frowned as Daniel said he didn't need it anymore, that he was sure it would be only a matter of weeks before he'd be back on the active duty roster himself. Jack had grinned broadly as Daniel answered and Jamison had looked over at his team leader, a frown denting his forehead.

"So, have you thought where you want to go next?" Jack had asked, seemingly oblivious to the lowered atmospheric temperature. "Anything you want, it's yours. You'll have my personal recommendation."

"I hadn't given it much thought," Jamison replied. "I've kinda liked being on SG1."

"And we've enjoyed having you there," Carter jumped in. "If we had to have anyone to take Daniel's place, it couldn't have been anyone better than you, Mark."

"Thanks, Sam. I'll give it some thought, Colonel."

That night, in bed, held in Jack's arms, Daniel wondered whether Jamison would just let him walk back in. He was still sure that whoever had attacked him had done so purely because of his relationship with Jack. Now, having seen the anger in Jamison's eyes, he realized that there could be more than one person not happy about having him on the flagship team.


Daniel puttered around his office cheerfully the next morning. He had a check up scheduled with Janet in twenty minutes and there was no way he was going to be late. He tidied his desk and powered down his laptop then glanced at his watch. Maybe if he left now, he decided, Janet would see him a few minutes early. He flexed his leg experimentally. A slight twinge reported in but nothing major.

“Nice view.”

Daniel turned and gave Jack a broad smile. “Be careful, the walls have eyes,” he said, indicating the camera with a shrug of his shoulder.

“But not ears,” Jack replied, lounging against the doorjamb. “Leg feels good, huh?”

“Feels great,” Daniel said. “I was just heading up to the infirmary…”

“I know. Thought I’d go with you… If you don’t mind the company.”

“Not at all.” Daniel headed for the door, bumping shoulders with Jack as he passed him and Jack straightened up.

“It’s gonna be good to have you back, Daniel.”

Daniel held up both hands, fingers crossed on each. “I hope,” he said.

“Piece of cake.” Jack clapped him on the shoulder and followed him out to the elevator.

And it had been, more or less, though Janet had put him through his paces like a drill sergeant, only pronouncing him fit to return to duty when he was lathered in sweat and felt like he was about to collapse.

Jack had grinned broadly at the news then gathered Daniel under his wing and marched him off to the showers and then up to see General Hammond. Hammond had seemed as happy about the news as Jack was, congratulating Daniel on his hard work. They’d headed for Jack’s house after that, a barbecue under the stars and a night of lovemaking for celebration.


Something was tickling along Daniel’s spine and he groaned then turned his head to the side and gave Jack a glower composed more of sleepiness than any real annoyance. “You’re insatiable, you know that?”

“Yep. That’s why you love me.” Jack kissed a line of caresses along Daniel’s temple, down his cheek and onto his shoulder. “Want me to stop?”

“You do and I’ll kill you.” Daniel sighed and relaxed, feeling Jack’s mouth move across to the center of his back and trace a line down his spine to the small of his back.

The bed dipped as Jack moved to straddle his legs. “Lift up,” Jack ordered.

Daniel knelt and Jack gently pushed his top half down, leaving his rump up in the air.

“Leg okay?” Jack asked, his hands separating Daniel’s buttocks.

“Fine. What are you doing?”

“Something you’ll like.”

Daniel gasped as Jack’s tongue trailed down his crease and lapped softly at his hole. “You sure you want to do that?” he asked breathlessly.

“Sssh,” Jack whispered, “relax.”

It would have been impossible to do anything but relax, Daniel thought, and his cock had other ideas, hardening under the onslaught of Jack’s ministrations. Daniel began to rock backwards as Jack’s tongue delved into him, licking and caressing till Daniel thought he’d die from the sensation alone.

He put a hand down to rub at his cock but Jack waylaid his hand. “Wait,” he whispered hoarsely, reaching over for the lube and condom on the bedside table.

“Not too long,” Daniel groaned. He looked back over his shoulder, his mouth going dry at the sight of Jack sheathing himself with the condom and smearing lube over his erection.

There was a moment of pain and pressure when Jack entered him but Daniel was so ready for this moment that it faded quickly, giving way to almost unbearable pleasure.

He rocked back onto Jack and then forward a little as Jack thrust in faster and harder. Jack’s hand snaked around to grasp his cock, holding it loosely, giving Daniel a tunnel into which to thrust as he moved back and forward, again and again.

Daniel shivered as Jack’s thumb caressed his glans then tensed in pleasure as Jack’s cock hit his prostate. Another jolt to his sweet spot and Daniel was coming, his cock expending itself over Jack’s hand as Jack groaned in pleasure and came as well.

Jack waited a moment or two, panting, leaning forward over Daniel’s sweat-slick back, kissing his neck gently, before pulling out and removing the condom. Tying it off, he tossed it into the trashcan next to the bed then pulled a packet of lubricated wipes from the dresser drawer, using them to clean Daniel gently. Daniel took the pack from his hand when he was finished and returned the favor, bestowing a loving kiss to the head of Jack’s penis when he was done.

Jack rolled to his side and pulled Daniel down next to him. “I’m starting to think things can’t get better than this,” he murmured.

“Me either.” Daniel smiled at him. “I still sometimes have trouble believing it’s real though.

“Felt damn real to me.” Jack grinned then closed his eyes. “Get some sleep. We’ve got a big day ahead of us tomorrow.”

“You really think General Hammond’s going to let me go?” Daniel asked.

“Can’t see why not,” Jack replied. “Janet’s pretty much given you the all-clear and I don’t want to be a man down any longer than necessary.”

Jamison had been on Colonel Reynold’s team for several weeks now and Jack had opted to remain with a three man team rather than draft in yet another newbie.

“I figured you only loved me for what I can give to the team,” Daniel said mock-sarcastically.

“I appreciate what your archeological skills bring to the team,” Jack corrected him with a crooked smile, “but I love you for what you give to me.”

“Sap,” Daniel said.

“Your sap,” Jack replied, rolling over to take Daniel in his arms. “Sleep. That’s an order.”


“Welcome back, Dr. Jackson.”

Daniel smiled warmly at General Hammond. “It’s good to be back. I appreciate you letting me go back to check on the mining operation on Calvetia.”

“You brokered the deal with the native population, Doctor, before you went to Ataria,” Hammond replied. “I thought it fair enough you get to go back and see how they’re doing.”

“I asked to be here because although Dr. Jackson brokered the original agreement a year ago, I’m the one who ended up setting it in place and helped SG 3 get it running after Jackson was injured,” Mark Jamison broke in from his seat across from Daniel. “We’ve been getting a fair enough return from the mines but I’m a little concerned the Calvetians are holding back-“

“Hemrik and his people are an honorable race,” Daniel couldn’t help retorting. “They were happy with the original agreement and there’s no way they’d hold back on us.”

“Well, maybe they’re just not working as hard as they should be in exchange for everything we’re giving them,” Jamison said, anger flaring in his eyes.

Jack half-rose from his seat but Daniel flicked a warning glance at him. He had to be able to prove he was up to this mission, and to going head to head with Mark Jamison if he had to. “I’m sure once we get there you’ll be able to see the Calvetians are doing the best they can,” he said evenly. “They’re new to our kind of mining, possibly still coming to grips with the technology and equipment we gave them to use…”

“Maybe,” Jamison agreed grudgingly. He looked over at Hammond. “Am I cleared to go with SG 1 and SG 3, sir?”

Hammond flicked a quick look at Jack who nodded a little reluctantly. “You ship out in one hour.”

Daniel stood to leave, turning at the door as Hammond called his name. “It really is good to have you back, son,” Hammond said, affection softening his features. “Just keep in mind that as much as we want to keep our agreement with the Calvetians as fair as possible, they have to do the same. Dr. Jamison was right about the fact that we’re not getting near as much Naquadah from Calvetia as the original geology survey suggested we would.”

Daniel nodded. “Then I’d say it’s just as well we’re going to check it out, sir.”

“Godspeed, Dr. Jackson. Make sure you come back in one piece this time.”

“I’ll do my best.”


Daniel almost shivered with excitement as the chevrons around the gate glowed and locked into place.

“You okay?” Jack asked, moving up to stand next to him.

“Yeah, I’m fine. It’s just been a long time and there were times I thought I’d never get back here.”

“Yeah, I know. Just making sure.” Jack glanced back at Daniel. “You ready?” At Daniel’s nod he stepped onto the ramp. “Okay, let’s go, campers.”

“It’s good to have you back, Daniel,” Sam said, stepping up to his opposite side.

“It is indeed,” Teal’c added from behind them.

Daniel slanted a quick glance up at the window, giving a nod of his head to General Hammond’s customary “Godspeed” then he walked up onto the ramp behind Jack, Sam at his side, and Teal’c at his back, with Reynold’s team bringing up the rear. As he reached the event horizon he stopped for a moment, remembering that day so long ago when he’d stepped through the gate for the first time. Tracing a finger across the blue puddle in silent homage to that day and to this one, he moved forward, crossing the horizon and emerging onto the planet on the other side moments later. He stumbled a little as he came through the other side and Jack was at his side in an instant, placing a steadying hand under his elbow.

“You okay?” Jack asked worriedly.

Daniel shook his supporting hand off gently. “I’m fine, just getting re-acquainted with the phenomenon,” he replied, shooting a quick apologetic smile at Jack as the rest of his team stepped through onto the platform.

“It’s been a while for you, I guess.” Jamison said casually as he shouldered past Daniel and headed down the stone steps from the dais, at the forefront of his new team. “The mining camp’s about 2 klicks to the south,” he called over his shoulder.

Reynolds tossed Jack a tolerant grin as he headed down the steps in the wake of his newest team member. “Jamison’s a little overenthusiastic,” he said.

“Overenthusiastic’s good,” Jack quipped, “It’s stopping the overenthusiasm getting your archeologist into trouble that’s the problem.”

“Thanks, Jack,” Reynolds threw back over his shoulder. “Now you tell me. I’ve never had an archeologist on my team before. You got any tips?”

“The words short leash come to mind,” Jack replied, patting Daniel on the shoulder then following SG3 down the steps and out across the lightly grassed earth in the direction Jamison had pointed them in.

Daniel grinned. It felt good to be back.

“Dr. Jackson!” a voice called as they entered the mining camp. Daniel looked up to see Matar, one of Hemrik’s sons, hurrying towards them.

“Matar,” he said as the young man reached them, panting with the exertion of his run across the camp. “It’s good to see you,” he added as Matar clasped his hand and shook it. “How is your father?”

Matar glanced around Daniel and paled as Jamison walked up to stand beside Daniel. “He… he is not well,” he said. “Perhaps you would visit him in his tent?”

“Of course.” Daniel looked around at Jack who nodded. “You go ahead and look around, Jack. I’ll meet you at the mine in a half hour.” He turned to Jamison as the man made to follow him. “Probably better if you go with Colonel O’Neill,” he said quickly. “You know the mine better than he does.”

“Okay,” Jamison replied but Daniel swore he could feel his eyes boring into his back as he walked away with Matar.

The old man was lying on a cot just inside the entrance to his tent. Daniel moved across and knelt beside the bed. “Matar tells me you are ill,” he said.

Hemrik’s eyes flickered to the doorway then back to Daniel’s face. “There was an accident,” he said, his breathing obviously labored, “in the mine, several days ago. We have tried to tell your people that we cannot continue to work under such conditions but they say we are simply trying to hold back the Naquadah for ourselves. This is not so!” Hemrik began to cough and Daniel moved to put an arm behind him so he could support him to a more upright position.

“What have the doctors said about your father’s condition?” he asked Matar, who had come to support his father from the other side of the cot.

“Our healer says he is gravely injured,” Matar replied, turning to pick up a cup of water from beside the bed and holding it to his father’s lips.

“What about our doctor? The doctor I told you would come if you needed more help than your healer could give?” Daniel asked. That had been one of the deals he’d made with the Calvetians back when he’d brokered the agreement.

“We have seen no doctor,” Matar said, helping his father to lie back against the pillows. “After the accident our healer asked when the doctor from your world would be coming but your people said he was too busy on your planet, caring for the people of the Tau’ri.”

“Matar,” Daniel said, trying to keep his anger in check, “tell me exactly how the accident happened.”

“There was a small cave-in. The mine we were working is almost depleted but the Tau’ri insisted we hadn’t yet finished with it. We tried to explain that what mineral was left was deep within the walls and impossible to reach. They brought what they call C4 and planted it in the walls. Then after the explosion they sent us back in to extract more Naquadah. But the mine had been made unstable and a section of it collapsed on my father and his workers. Fortunately no one was killed but my father has been in constant pain since he was injured,” Matar replied.

He lifted the blankets and Daniel winced in empathy at the profusion of bruises and abrasions covering Hemrik’s bare chest.

“I’ll bring the doctor to you,” Daniel said, rising to his feet. Angrily he stormed out of the tent then looked around for Jack. Spotting him across the camp, talking to Jamison, Daniel hurried across to them.

Jack had obviously become good at reading Daniel’s moods just from the expression on his face, because he met him halfway across and grabbed him by the arm, pulling him to a halt. “What’s wrong? Is the old man worse?”

“You could say that,” Daniel snapped, pulling his arm free and continuing on over to stand inches from Jamison, just outside his personal space. “Why the hell didn’t you listen when Hemrik and his men told you the mine was unsafe?” he snarled.

Jamison shrugged. “They’re primitive workers. Our geologists said it was fine –“

“They’ve been mining since before you were a twinkle in your father’s eye,” Daniel retorted. “You should have listened to them. Hemrik could have been killed.”

“But he wasn’t, was he?” Jamison turned away and Daniel grabbed him by the shoulder and swung him back around to face him.

“Why wasn’t he seen by the SGC doctor?” Daniel asked.

“Because I thought he’d prefer to be taken care of by his own healers. You know how these tribespeople are. They’re suspicious of modern medicine. When I worked in Africa –“

“You’re not in Africa! You’re not even on Earth!” Daniel yelled, his nose now inches from Jamison’s. “He should have been examined and cared for as soon as the accident happened. You didn’t even ask him if he’d prefer to be seen only by the healers!”

“Whoa, Daniel, take it easy!” Jack grabbed at Daniel’s arm again and Daniel pulled free again then turned around to look at him. “Hemrik’s badly hurt. I think he’s bleeding internally.”

“Then we’ll take him back to the SGC with us now,” Jack replied firmly.

“And what about what’s been going on here?” Daniel asked. “These men have been working in unsafe conditions that would have mine owners up on negligence charges back home. Does the SGC get a free pass on that just because these people aren’t from Earth?”

Jack shook his head and looked Daniel straight in the eyes. “Not on my watch,” he said sincerely. “Jamison’s coming back to the SGC with us. He can make his case there to General Hammond.”

Daniel let out a heavy sigh. “All right,” he agreed, “but I want Hemrik’s son to come with us as well, to speak on behalf of the miners.”

“Go tell them,” Jack said. “I’ll send Teal’c and Carter to give you a hand transporting Hemrik. We’ll meet you at the gate.”


Daniel cast an imploring glance over at Jack, waiting for him to say something, to intercede, to side with him.

“Sir-“ Jack began only to be silenced by General Hammond’s upraised hand.

“I’m sorry, Colonel, it’s out of my hands. The mining operation will continue.” He raised his hand again as Daniel went to speak. “It’s a done deal, Dr. Jackson. You brokered the deal yourself.”

“But not at the risk of these peoples’ lives,” Daniel interrupted hotly.

“And further safeguards will be put in place,” Hammond went on. “Look, in your place I’d agree with you. I’m appalled by the breach of simple occupational health and safety regulations. However, the President feels that the best thing we can do now is move forward, finish mining whatever Naquadah is left and then we can end our agreement with the Calvetians and leave them to it.”

“Hemrik wants an end to the mining now,” Daniel said flatly. “He’s worried more of their people will be injured or killed.”

“Well, they made a deal and I’m afraid the SGC is going to insist they adhere to it. If they don’t want to do the mining themselves, we’ll send in our own teams to take over,” Hammond replied.

Daniel nodded. “So just like that we walk in, take over something they managed fine on their own till now and then once we’ve gotten all we need from them, including maiming one of them along the way, we can walk out, our bloodstained hands full of Naquadah.”

“It’s the way it is,” Hammond said softly. “I’m sorry. I can’t say I agree but that has to stay between us and these four walls. I can’t countermand the President’s orders. You know that. If I did, I’d be forced to resign. Do you really want someone else taking over, someone who might not even bother to make sure the safety measures are put in place, someone who just wants to get the job done as quickly as possible.”

“Someone like Bauer,” Jack put in quietly and Daniel repressed an inward shudder at the memory of what had almost transpired at Bauer’s hands.

“No,” he said quietly. “But I do know I can’t be here anymore. I can’t be part of something that has begun to put Earth’s progress above the welfare of people we should be helping.”

“I see.” Hammond held out his hand and Daniel shook it. “I’d try to talk you out of it but I suspect it wouldn’t work.”

“No, it wouldn’t.”

“Daniel, come on. You can’t mean-“ Jack was at his side in a moment, a hand on his shoulder holding him in place.

“Jack, there’s really not much else I can do here. This isn’t the first time my advice has been overlooked in the face of orders from higher up. I can’t do it anymore.” Daniel shook himself free of Jack’s restraining hand and walked to the door. “It’s been an honor serving with you both,” he said. “It’s been an honor having you as friends.”

“Likewise, Dr. Jackson.” Hammond smiled but there was sadness in his eyes.

Jack stood as if rooted to the spot. “Daniel, come on,” he said, pain implicit in his tone.

“There’s nothing left for me here anymore, Jack,” Daniel said and almost immediately wished he could take the words back as anguish colored Jack’s eyes. He turned and left the room, tears burning his own eyes.


Daniel had avoided Jack in the week since he’d formally tendered his resignation. Partly out of guilt for the hurt he’d put in Jack’s eyes, partly out of concern Jack would try to talk him into staying. Daniel thought his mind was definitely made up to go. He’d meant every word he’d said in Hammond’s office but he knew too, that if anyone could convince him to stay, it would be Jack.

His heart ached at the thought of never seeing Jack again but he’d always had strong convictions, always wanted to be where he could most good and his heart just wasn’t in his job at the SGC anymore. He’d lost more friends and loved ones doing it than he wanted to think about. He’d steeled himself now to losing Jack too. He’d survived losing Sha’re. He guessed he’d survive losing Jack too though he wasn’t sure it was the sort of survival or the sort of life he wanted.

He shoved the last of his shirts into his suitcase then stood back and looked around the room. This place had been his home for such a long time, not just this house, but the town, the Mountain, the SGC. He’d had as many happy times here as bad ones, he realized. Now it was just time to move on. It wasn’t like he’d never done that before. He was nothing if not adaptable.

The doorbell rang and he closed the suitcase then picked it up. He was catching a cab to the airport and the Air Force would be sending along the rest of his things in a few days. He was grateful not to have to stay and do the final packing up himself. Now the decision was made he just wanted to go… before he changed his mind. Setting his jaw against the emotion welling up, he yanked open the door.

“Hey,” Jack said, pushing past Daniel into the house.

“You’re not the cab driver,” Daniel said blankly.

“Can’t put anything past you, can I?” Jack said. “Nope, saw the cabbie on my way in and told him you wouldn’t be needing his services.”

“Come to say goodbye?” Daniel asked, throat already aching at the mere thought of it.

“Yes… and no,” Jack replied. “Did you mean it? What you said about there being nothing left for you at the SGC anymore?”

“Yes… and no,” Daniel said, watching Jack closely.

Jack just nodded as if he understood. “So, where you going? Any idea?”

“Not really. I thought maybe I could call around some old archeology friends of mine, see if there are interesting digs going on somewhere…”

“Or you could come to Washington, with me,” Jack added.

“Washington? You’re going to Washington? What about SG1? What about fighting the Goa’uld?” Daniel blurted out in a rush, wondering if he should try pinching himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming.

“Answers – yes, I’m going to Washington. Homeland Security as a matter of fact. SG1 will be fine. There’s this new guy, Colonel Mitchell. He’s something of a hero, helped protect us in Antarctica as a matter of fact. Carter says he reminds her of me though I think I’m better-looking… Fighting the Goa’uld? I’ll still be helping to do that, just the same as you would be if you came to Washington with me. Daniel, I need someone like you there with me, someone who knows how to tell the suits when they’re making a wrong decision, someone who can still step in and deal with our allies on both sides of the gate.”

Daniel tossed out a bitter laugh at that. “If you haven’t noticed, Jack, apparently my opinions don’t seem to amount to much with the suits.”

Jack walked over to him and pulled him into his arms, kissed his mouth gently then looked into his eyes. “Then come because you want to be with me, Daniel, as much as I want to be with you. If you don’t want to work with me, that’s fine. You can go off on your digs, you can lecture, you can write, you can do whatever the hell you want as long as you’re with me. I can’t let you go, not now.” He gave a crooked smile. “If you hadn’t noticed, I’m kind of in love with you.”

Daniel swallowed hard against the surge of emotion. “I love you too. You sure about this though? I already had the crap kicked out of me when someone at the SGC found out about us. You really think they’ll turn a blind eye to our relationship in Washington?”

“In Washington we’ll be small fish in a big pond,” Jack replied. “Besides I’m sure there are plenty of bigger wigs than me the gossips will want to talk about.”

“You really want me to go with you?”

“Whither I goest,” Jack whispered, grabbing his hand and towing him along to the bedroom. “But let’s leave the packing till tomorrow. Hope the bed’s still made up. Hey, did I mention I just got a promotion?” He gave Daniel a wink and a slow smile. “Your boyfriend’s a General now. There’ll be perks.”


part one

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