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You are Marianne Faithfull...
Congratulations! You are my heroine! A singer,
actress, rock star girl-friend and all round
beautiful person, you are also a poster girl
for 60's excess. Due to your blond hair, big
eyes and innocent appearance, you inspire
chivalry in people- they want to take care you.
In reality, however, you are strong and
independent- you do not want to be controlled.
You are ethereal and intense and people find it
hard to know the "real" you. You are
experimental and willing to try anything once.
You are adventourous and people are drawn to
your beauty and magical quality.

You like to be surrounded by beautiful things...
clothes, literature, music, people and have
romantic notions about drugs and decandent
living. Sex, drugs and rock 'n roll, you
started using pot and sleeping with girls at
age 17, by 22 you had slept with 3 Rolling
Stones, countless rock stars and were living on
a wall, shooting up heroin. Times have been
tough but you have survived, you have overcome
many addictions and are still recording today.
You have a strong soul.

Described as having the face of an angel and the
best body in rock music, along with Keith
Richards, you are something of a minor medical

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