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Beyond Atlantis Virtual Season Six

Announcing the Beyond Atlantis Virtual Season Six.

Premiering May 7th 2009 at a URL to be announced on the day.

We hope you’ll join us to find out what the team is doing while they’re stranded on Earth, and stay with us to see what exciting adventures await them in the future.

Homecoming by Annie & Lyn
Art by Lily

At last the Atlantis team are back on Earth. There are loose ends to tie up, people to touch base with. With no Wraith in sight can our team stay out of trouble?

From Homecoming:

Ronon took off at a run for the river’s edge, pausing only to yank off his shoes before diving headlong into the water and striking out toward their stricken friend.

The first shock of the icy water stole his breath and he gave a whooping gasp that sucked in as much water as air. Choking momentarily, he could already feel the strong current dragging him upstream. He drove his arms through the water, kicking powerfully, seeing McKay just ahead of him, and then suddenly, Ronon was almost on top of him. He reached out, grasping desperately at McKay’s sodden clothes, feeling the material pull through his fingers. He grabbed at McKay again and this time, his hand bunched in the collar of Rodney’s jacket and Ronon gathered his strength and dragged him close.

McKay was a limp weight in Ronon’s arms, his head lolling back against Ronon’s shoulder. There was a bloody gash on his forehead and he was shuddering violently with cold.

Knowing there was no time to waste, Ronon allowed himself to go with the current, hoping to find something to hold onto that would slow their rush until the others could get to them.

The Beyond Atlantis Virtual Season team
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