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Round three is over and I'm still there (color me surprised). A very difficult and awkward prompt wherein we had to write the blurb for Tom E Gemcity's newest novel (for those not in the know, Thom is Tim McGee's writing alterego). Tejas deservedly won this round! Go, girl. Nice to see a fellow Gater doing so well and congrats to my other Gater buddy, Taylyn for still being there too.

This was my entry:

From Hiding In Plain Sight

The new novel by

Thom E. Gemcity

Already rocketing up the bestseller lists


Special Agent Tommy was a chameleon, a man of many faces and personalities, which was what made it so completely unbelievable that his cover had been blown on this assignment. It should have been a walk in the park.

He backed away slowly from the man aiming a gun right between his eyes. “Hey, I told you. My name’s Tom McGee. I was on the inside with your brother…”

He saw the instant the man decided not to believe him, saw his finger tightening on the trigger, sent up an urgent prayer to whatever gods might still love Special Agent Tommy, in spite of all his sins, and threw himself desperately to one side. Pain burnt a fiery swathe across his chest and he fell, hearing a door slam open as if from far away and then the sound of another gunshot.

A pair of shoes swam into his blurry sight and he was rolled to his back, looking up into the worried face of LJ Tibbs.

“Tommy, you okay?” Tibbs looked worn and tired as if he’d spent one too many nights looking into the bottom of a half empty glass of Jack’s.

“Knew you’d find me, Tibbs,” Tommy whispered as his vision faded to black.


“I heard you whispering Mi Sheberakh, the Jewish prayer for the sick, when you were in with Tommy just now, Lisa,” McGregor said earnestly. “If he makes it back from this, you should just tell him how you feel.”

Lisa looked across to where Tibbs was standing, a tearful Amy hugged to his side. “I also overheard Tibbs telling him something,” she murmured. “I don’t think I’m even in the bull ring.”

“Ball park,” McGregor corrected automatically. He looked over at Tibbs as well, saw the way the man’s gaze snapped to the door as the doctor came into the room. “Yeah, maybe you’re right. Sorry.”

Will Special Agent Tommy survive? Or will the team be left a member short? To find out, take Hiding In Plain Sight home with you. RRP $25-95.

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