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Armageddon Con

I've decided not to go to the con in Melbourne. Although it means missing possibly my only chance to ever see the lovely David Hewlett in the flesh, I just can't justify the expense at this stage. I have to pay for my laptop to be repaired or replaced in the next week or so or risk losing the one the insurance company kindly lent me as well as any chance of getting mine back and as I'd can't bear the idea of being computer-less again, I've decided my goling of DH has to be the thing to go.

Our Prime Minister has very kindly agreed to give people on disability pensions (as well as other recipients of various Soc Sec payments) a lump sum payment to try to stimulate the economy but that doesn't get paid till after Dec 8th so I can't use that. Besides that will come in very handy for Xmas seeing I've got 4 grandkids and a few surrogate grandkids to buy for.

So, much as I'll miss the chance to gaze upon the loveliness that is DH, as well as the chance to catch up with some fandom friends, I'm not all that sorry I've made this decision.

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