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Black clouds and silver linings

I have the cold from Hell along with some difficult RL probs at the moment both of which are making it almost impossible to write or beta so, if I'm betaing something for you or you're waiting on a new part of Raising Caiden or Healing Touch, please bear with me. I already had to pull one of my zine stories that was almost done as I wasn't up to finishing the last few scenes.

Of course, as always there's a silver lining to my black cloud - I'm watching lots of dvds, almost finished the John Adams miniseries (sob) and am rewatching all my old and newer favorites - TS, SG, SGA, NCIS, Criminal Minds and Torchwood. Even Starsky and Hutch which I haven't watched in ages and a new favorite - The Unit.
Tags: being sick, rl stuff
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