annieb1955 (annieb1955) wrote,

After reading everyone's kind replies to my post I decided to dig thru my daughter's PC hard drive and found, not my novella, but my plotlines for it at least, so I'm thinking I'm might still be able to rewrite it. Thanks for the support.

More stuff. Cut because I don't want to bore my flist to tears.

It's been a rotten few weeks. My youngest grandchildrens' mom is still refusing to come get them even though they've been with us for 3 weeks and she's only seen her 18 month old son and 4 month old daughter once in that time. Life's a little crazy and stressful right now and losing Rodney the laptop was the icing on the cake unfortunately.

You know the Soc Sec system here is nuts. My son has had his kids staying with us for 3 weeks even though he only gets paid $400 a fortnight. His partner gets $1300 per fortnight. He called Soc Sec today and asked if he could get any extra money to buy his kids diapers and formula and they said no. All he could do was ask his ex partner to give him money for that. Which he did. Yeah, right. He then asked her to come pick the kids up as we can't keep providing for them on no extra money. She hasn't responded and hasn't turned up. Apparently even though she hasn't had to provide a thing for her children for the past 3 weeks she's still entitled to her full sngle parent benefit while Josh has to provide for two extra small people on the amount that Soc Sec gives him to provide solely for himself. The mother obviously knows we'll somehow find a way to get diapers etc for the babies so she's just decided to ignore it all.

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