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A little Daniel fic in memory of Don S Davis and General hammond

Don't read this if kidfic squicks you out. Not taking any responsibility for sending any of my flist running for the bathroom *g*

This is just a little ficlet to show my love for the character of General George Hammond and my sorrow at the passing of Don S Davis.

Making a Miracle



“It’s not moving.” Daniel peered into the box General Hammond had placed on the kitchen table then pushed his glasses back up his nose and looked up at the general.

“Well, son, he’s probably a little stunned after hitting that window so hard.” Hammond placed a gentle hand on his young friend’s shoulder and gave it a squeeze. “We’ll just leave the bird to rest a while and then, by morning, I just bet he’ll have flown off home to his family and friends.”

Daniel put out a small hand and cautiously stroked the soft neck feathers. “Ya think?” he asked and the general had to bite back a grin.

“You’ve been hanging around Jack too much,” he said, finally allowing a smile to creep across his face.

Daniel shrugged. “Have to. He’s my guardian now I’m a kid again. I like it most of the time except when my memories come out and I remember being big. I get mad then sometimes.”

“I think that’s fair enough,” Hammond replied. “I don’t think I’d like to be a kid again either.”

“It’s fun sometimes.” Daniel smiled. “I like being a kid and coming to your house.”

“I think that’s about the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me, Daniel. Now, how about you get ready for bed and I’ll get you some hot chocolate.”

Daniel nodded readily enough and Hammond wondered at the sign of just one of the differences between this downsized Daniel Jackson and his adult counterpart. The latter would have scoffed at the idea of hot chocolate and at being told to go to bed at such an early hour. Hammond guessed it was all part of the fact that Daniel wasn’t completely himself emotionally or mentally. Dr. Fraiser had said that physically he was a perfectly healthy and normal 5 year old but mentally it was as if his adult self had simply retreated into the background as if he knew it would easier to cope with his downsizing by letting his inner child out more. AdultDaniel appeared from time to time, usually when the boy was overtired or distressed. Hammond missed him but he had to admit he had developed a definite fondness for this small counterpart of his archeologist.

Daniel looked into the shoebox again. “He doesn’t look very comfy with his head turned all around like that.”

Hammond swallowed and adjusted the creature’s head carefully. “Better?”

Daniel nodded and headed towards the stairs.

Once he’d started up them, Hammond covered the bird with some tissues then put the lid on the box. He knew just the place for a small grave and in the morning he’d tell Daniel the bird had flown away. He wondered if that was the right thing to do but Daniel had been devastated when he’d found the poor bird on the porch and he’d suffered so many losses in his life. Was it wrong to let him think a small miracle had taken place here?

He made the chocolate and carried two mugs upstairs to the guest room where Daniel was staying while Jack and SG1 were off world. Daniel was already under the covers and Hammond perched on the edge of the bed and they sipped companionably and talked about what to do in the morning.

As Daniel lay back on the pillows, Hammond leaned forward and gave the top of his head a kiss. “Goodnight, son,” he whispered.

For just one small moment before Daniel’s eyes closed there was a glimpse of the man Daniel had been. “Thanks, sir,” he murmured as he drifted off to sleep.

Hammond shut the door behind him and went back downstairs. He’d let the child have his miracle. There’d be time enough for truth and loss when Daniel grew up again.

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