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Little Daniel 3 gen zine available for preorder

Little Daniel 3 gen zine available now for preorder

Little Daniel 3

This is the third in the Little Daniel series of zines and, to be perfectly honest, would never have happened without the guiding force of Annie and Lyn who drummed up the interest on the LittleStargate list, kept track of who was writing what, betaed all but two, did the title art for all but two, and
just generally kept at until it is, at last, nearly ready. I can't possibly thank them enough for their effort and love. So this one is dedicated to them, and to the writers who also 'kept at it' to create these lovely stories; in the true spirit of SG1, all of you made this thing happen. 306 pages, 126130 words. Art by Lyn, Annie, and JayEm. 11 pt Book Antiqua, web formatted with .75 margins

Stories included:
Time & Motion by Eilidh17 - Daniel unlocks a secret no one could have foreseen

Jack & Daniel, just like always by Annie - Right or wrong, they're still Jack and Daniel

Choices by Lyn - Sometimes the hardest choices aren't that hard at all.

The Boy With Kaleidoscope Eyes by Natasha - Daniel's ties to the Ancients are older than anyone imagines.

A Chance For A Family by Gemsong - Janet adopts a down-sized Daniel, but fate and well-meaning friends have plans to extend the family even further(mild J/J het).

Legacy Rewind by Rosenquist - Machello's goa'uld killing bugs have an unfortunate side effect aside from symptoms of schizophrenia, to those who don't have a snake in them. This side effect causes Daniel to need a guardian, but sadly Jack isn't the only one who wants custody of him.

To Dream Of A Nightmare by Amberfly- The Asgard request SG1's help to extract a target with information vital to the safety both their races. Risking their lives to bring the target back to the SGC, they learn of the devastating consequences of their actions.

Things Never Change by Ali - Thor saves Daniel's life, at a cost.

Galactic Nursery By Eildh17 - Daniel is taken, much confusion ensues, as does a child.

Imaginary Friends by writer_sharae - Lost, alone, and unsure of his memory, what's a boy to do?

Times Two by Jill - Daniel visits Jack in DC and gets the shock of his life.

Jumping Castles by Sistine - A little fun for the boys(includes a Little Jack as well)

Available now for preorder, will be ready on or before July 1.
Tags: fanfic, little daniel, stargate, zines
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