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Resolutions maybe...

So I've decided it's time to get back into a routine and get a lot more writing and betaing and art done. Time is probably the only thing that's going to fix our current problems though I did have a very helpful chat with a social worker yesterday who thinks she can effect some changes for my son and for me. She also suggested I might like to go back to study and I've decided I like the sound of that.

And the lovely David Hewlett got married last week and they look so happy. Not a bit jealous though I'd probably be green if it was Rodney getting married, except if he was marrying Sheppard, of course. Roll on November and the con in Melbourne.

I got a gorgeous signed pic of Michael Shanks (with mine, Lyn's, JoaG's and Devra's name on it) from a wonderful friend who went to the con in England recently. I'll scan it asap and post it for you to see. Droolworthy...
Tags: david hewlett, family stuff, michael shanks
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