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I'm famous at last

I was looking for links for the Paula Wilshe Awards (S&H fandom) and came across a rec someone had made of one of my old S&H fics, a fandom I haven't written in in some time. As my S&H stuff rarely gets recced or is even know very well I was rather surprised to find the rec had been picked up by Lee Goldberg (the writer of S&H and Diagnosis: Murder novels etc) to be dissed on his blog. Mr. Goldberg is notorious for hating fanfic and particularly slash yet he seems to spend most of his time surfing the net looking for stories to slam on his blog. Interestingly, he only chose to post the sex scene of my story and commented it made him want to puke. I so wanted to leave a comment thanking him for the publicity but I was laughing too much to type coherently. I'm still ROTFL here. That's my 15 minutes of fame, guys.
Tags: fanfic, lee goldberg
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