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A spoilery slashy fic of sorts for the NCIS S5 finale

This was written as a very tongue in cheek response to the S5 finale and to a particular person on a certain list who thinks there is only ever OTP and berates anyone who posts a story with a different pairing. Now I am a Gibbs/DiNozzo OTP myself but this was just too much fun to pass up. Read at your peril.

Moving On

A very tongue in cheek epilogue to the Season 5 finale dedicated to
Anna, Bree, and Rainne, my partners in crime

Jethro Gibbs stormed across to his desk and threw down the file Vance had handed him. He
couldn't even open it, so furious was he that this decision had been made without his say-so,
without even asking his opinion. Sighing, he looked around the office.

Over at what had once been Kate’s desk, Ziva David was stuffing her bag with what looked like
the entire contents of all the drawers. He couldn’t really blame her for that. He figured where she
was headed, she’d be lucky to have pencils to write with, let alone decent notepaper. She’d made
Kate’s desk her own, and she’d made her own place in his team. He couldn’t really begrudge her
a few pens and notebooks. Sauntering over, he picked up the small flashdrive on the desk,
shoved it into the computer and deleted the files then removed it and handed it to her. “Here,”
he said, “take it. They may not have these yet where you’re going. Download some music or
something. Better yet, download some English lessons. They might come in handy on your next

Ziva nodded at him, dry-eyed.

Good, he hadn’t really expected tears from her but if she had started crying he wasn’t sure what
he’d have done. She wasn’t Abby after all, just some hard-assed Israeli chick. Mind you, she’d
saved his life once so he guessed she deserved a little Gibbs kindness for that. Reaching across
the desk, he picked up the stapler and shoved it into her bag. “Little goodbye present,” he said,
turning away.

Tony was sitting at his desk, staring blankly at the computer. He looked shell-shocked. Not
surprising, Gibbs thought. Tony wasn’t exactly built for sailing. He tended to get seasick in a bath
tub. He was the one Gibbs would miss most of all. It made Gibbs heart ache to think of it.

Tony could be a flake and Gibbs had had to slap him upside the head more than any of his other
agents put together but man, the kid had a great ass and he could suck cock like nobody else
Gibbs had ever known. If the guy had been female and Gibbs had met him earlier, DiNozzo might
have saved him a fourth divorce and a heap of alimony.

He walked across and patted DiNozzo on the head, not really a headsmack, more an ‘it’s been
nice knowing you’ kind of love pat.

DiNozzo lifted his face from the computer monitor where it had ended up and smiled sadly up at
Gibbs, fingering his jaw ruefully. “I’m gonna miss you, Boss,” he murmured.

“Yeah, me too, Tony,” Gibbs replied, “more than I can say.” He reached into his pocket and
pulled out a twenty dollar bill. “Here, get yourself some condoms. I don’t wanna get the clap
every time you come home on shoreleave.”

Tony took the money and pocketed it with a misty smile. “Reminds me of that movie with Gene
Kelly and-“

“Yeah, right. Well, it’s been great. Don’t be a stranger now.” Gibbs looked across the office at
McGee, his heart already feeling lighter. McGee was only going to Cybercrimes. They had an
office right downstairs. He slapped Tony’s head again in farewell then walked over and sat on the
corner of McGee’s desk. “So, Probie,” he said, “you ever date a guy?”

The End

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