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TS Story Recommendation Meme

TS Story Recommendation Meme

When you see this, copy it into your own journal. Look through the list of stories and bold the ones you've read (and if you want to, aim to give the ones you haven't read a try when you can). Then, at the bottom of the list, add a story (or more than one) that you really love. Say whether it is slash or gen, write a short summary, and provide a link.

1. Visiting Alex, by Lady Ra (slash) - Wonderfully angsty, post Sentinel Too story.

2. Equilibrium, by lamardeuse (slash) - Post TSbyBS. A novel-length, plotty case story. Really excellent.

3. Laws of Murphy, by T.W. Lewis (AKA gardendoor) (slash) - Extraordinarily funny and sexy at the same time *g*.

4. Samaritan by Donna Gentry, gen. One of the very first TS fics I read and I still like it. I love her Jim feeling the stirrings of protectiveness towards Blair but not sure if he’s overstepping the mark.
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