annieb1955 (annieb1955) wrote,

Non English speaking writers

Just wondering if this really is a prevailing attitude. A writer on the NCIS list I belong to, for whom English is not a first language (the writer, not the list ) posted a story and prefaced it with notes stating that she knows people don't bother reading stories by non English writers and that we should all lose the attitude because they can do it as well as we can.

Got my dander up a bit as I beta for several non English speaking writers and had never seen anyone say anything like this on any of my lists, and certainly not on this one. When I called her on it, she replied that she hasn't seen it on lists but on LiveJournal. Which made me wonder, is it really true? Do people not even bother to read a story if the author states English is not her native language?

I did tell her that if she'd only seen that happen on LJ, she should ave her remonstrances about our attitudes for LJ and not for the list that had been nothing but helpful and welcoming to her. Within minutes of her posting the fic and saying she hadn't been able to find a beta, someone had offered to do it for her.

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