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It Can Only Go Up From Here

2008 kinda started with a whimper (from me). Went out in the mornming to find my car battery was flat and there was no one within cooee to give me a jumpstart so I had to walk to the shops in 110 degree F heat. Ick!

Came back and went to feed and water the grandkids' pet rabbits to find the poor things had died from the heat. It sucks to be an Aussie bunny in summer in a drought. There was nothing we could have done more for them short of bringing them in the house which with 4 kittens already in it wasn't feasible. I'd given them as much shade as possible and kept them supplied with water and vegies but I have to admit I felt terribly guilty when I found them and wondered if I should have done more. Then had to tell Jack and Blayze. Not fun. Trying to work out where to bury two large bunnies in drought hardened soil isn't easy either. Fortunately the other grandparents stepped up to the plate and offered a burial plot on their farm right next to the vegie patch so I can now at least imagine poor Roxie and Mulisha rampaging thru the carrot beds at night.

Then my daughter's car blew up so we're now a one car family for the foreseeable future

Just one of those days where you at least feel you got all the bad luck out in one day so there's real hope for the rest of the year.
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