annieb1955 (annieb1955) wrote,

Happy Holidays

In case I don't get the chance to say it tomorrow, may everyone on my flist have a wonderful, safe and healthy Holiday, no matter how you celebrate.

As for me, I broke a tooth yesterday. It's extremely painful and I'm currently trying to find an emergency dentist who doesn't want cash up front, to yank the little beggar out. Not much chance of that unfortunately so I get the feeling my birthday and Christmas is going to be spent drugged to the eyeballs on Vicodin with a hot pack stuck to my face.

I'm seriously considering changing my birthday to June or something next year. Hopefully that way my birthday won't get forgotten in the rush of holiday cheer.

Many hugs to you all and please, if you drive anywhere, do it safely. The only thing I want to lose these Holidays is this tooth *g*
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