annieb1955 (annieb1955) wrote,

The modded story

I'm putting this behind a cut because not everyone will be interested.

What happened was that after I posted the most recent part of my slash Littled Danny story to the list (several weeks after, actually) the list mod posted a message saying that someone's recent story had contravened the rules of the list. All the writers immediately began asking, "Was it mine?" The list mod and owner never clarified whose story it was. In fact they disappeared into cyberspace for over two days while we played whose fic is it onlist. I had a feeling it was Raising Caiden and wrote several emails on and offlist to the mod and owner with no reply until today when I was told that it was indeed Raising Caiden and several people had complained as it doesn't have a Little Danny in it as Caiden is Daniel's clone. I tried to point out that in fact if he is then he's a LD with a different name.

The mod then tells me they had no intention of telling me not post my story because they felt it was going somewhere but simply made that post to appease the masses (of 3 people) who had complained and to assure them they were indeed taking care of the problem (?) Huh!(to quote Rodney McKay)

The other rules on this list are bizarre to say the least. You can post gen and slash but absolutely no het. Okay, I'm a slasher/genner so that didn't bother me much though it seems a bit unfair to the shippers. Another is that Daniel can be in a homosexual relationship from the age of 15 provided he doesn't have sex. Yeeeah.

The mod also told me the list owner has no PC and she only gets online herself sporadically as she works long hours. I sympathise with that but this is a list that has over 600 members. Why not ask for another list member to help mod?

The mod has now decided to leave the list as well, following in my footsteps, as have many of the list members who've decided to join my Little Stargate list instead that I set up with JoaG, Devra and Lyn several months ago.

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