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Blaired from dimity_blue.

You post the first lines from your unfinished fics.

It was like walking into a cold arctic blizzard, the kind that made you stop dead in your tracks and wrap your coat around yourself to stop the wind whistling through your very bones. (Diagnosis: Murder slash)

"I thought you said it would work," Sheppard shouted, watching Rodney punch his fingers frantically onto the small device in his hand. (SGA slash)

It was amazing how much blood the human body held, Tony thought woozily as he planted a hand as firmly as he could over the bleeding punctures in his thigh. (NCIS slash)

“Captain, I think I know where Hutch is being held.” Starsky’s voice held an edge of urgency evident even over the phone line. (very old languishing S&H slash)

"I'm telling you I don't want to see her." Jim glared mutinously at his father. "I'm sure she's fine where she is. Sally can take care of her. She's a baby. It doesn't matter where she lives." (TS slash)

Daniel's been gone so long that I'm beginning to believe we'll never get him back. (SG:1 slash)

Jesse smiled to himself as he heard Steve climbing the stairs to their bedroom. He looked at his watch and shrugged ruefully. There wouldn’t be time for anything too interesting but he and Steve had always been inventive in a pinch. (Diagnosis: Murder slash. Waiting For Morning4)

You know that old song, Two Out of Three Ain't Bad? I'm starting to think it was written for me. I mean, here I am sucking Blair's brains out through his dick, his hand cupping the back of my head, encouraging me to take him deeper, and all I can think of is that stupid song. (TS slash -almost finished)

“Hey, I hear you’re ready to go.”

Daniel looked up and gave a half-shrug, half-nod in Jack’s direction. “Sure. Whenever.” (Bearing Witness8 - Little Danny universe)

The soft beep of the alarm on my watch woke me. I’ve grown accustomed to waking up this early anyway and would probably wake up without it. TS Gen Evolution Of Friendship15 - almost finished)


Jack watched from his seat at the kitchen table as Caiden toddled over to the television set and patted the screen. (Raising Caiden5 - clone Daniel fic SG:1 slash)

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