annieb1955 (annieb1955) wrote,

House moving

I hate moving house. I've done it far too much in the course of my lifetime. It seems as if I no sooner set down roots and circumstances conspire against me to make me move.

Anyway, I've moved to my daughter's house to live. In many ways, it's great. I have internet access, phone, a fridge and a washer - none of which I had at my old place. I also get to live with two of three wonderful grandkids and see them every day. My daughter and I get along great.

But I have to admit to missing my little old beaten up shed come house and the personal space and privacy I had there.

I know I'll adapt. I always do but I can't help a small feeling of sadness for my little home where my closest neighbors were horses and the occasional kangaroo.
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