annieb1955 (annieb1955) wrote,

Sometimes RL sucks rocks

My daughter and her husband decided to split up after ten years together. It's an acrimonious parting but I feel for them both and have been trying to be there for both of them plus their two kids who are confused of course as to why Daddy is suddenly gone.

My new grandson, Jaite, aged four months, has just been diagnosed with severe astham and his mom took off for 3 days, leaving the sick baby with my son who was trying to work and look after the baby. Mom finally returned and told Josh, "I just don't know if I want Jaite any more."

Then I got my xray results back and found out I have osteoporosis in my leg that already has a knee joint replacement, as well as probably in my spine and ribs.

I've had no time to write or read fic, which I desperately want to do and my inbox was exploding with over a thousand emails as I haven't been able to get online for days.

Sometimes, RL sucks like a Hoover.

Sorry. Back to your regular programming.

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