annieb1955 (annieb1955) wrote,

Alex Zahara

I got an email from Alex Zahara last night. He's the guy who played
Gabe on Night Shift (he's also been in SG heaps). He is the sweetest
guy. I met him online a year or so ago after sending him a gushing fangirl
email which he surprisingly replied to. We emailed back and forth quite a
few times and he asked me to send him some caps of his work in TS as
he didn't have any.

Then last night he writes because he hadn't heard from me for a while
and wanted to know how I was doing. What a sweetheart.

Sadly he hasn't got any acting work at the moment since SG ended but he's currently househunting and hoping something new comes along soon. 

His website is here:  for anyone who'd like to check it out or drop him a line about his work.

Tags: alex zahara, sg, ts
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