annieb1955 (annieb1955) wrote,

Ficlet "A Day At The Mall" (The Sentinel, slash)

Written for the ts_secret_santa

Title: A Day At The Mall
Type: Slash
Rating: G
Word Count: 411
Summary: When will Jim learn to really listen to Blair?

“You said you’d be fine,” Blair mutters darkly as he heads towards a dark and hopefully quiet corner of the mall. “I said you wouldn’t be but when do you ever listen to me?”

A woman with a gaggle of small children gives him a sideways look that suggests she thinks he’s unhinged then she gathers her young ones close and hurries on. One child, a girl about 5, turns her head and sticks her tongue out at Blair and Blair just barely resists the urge to return the gesture.

“Great, now everyone thinks I’m the nutjob,” he says as he continues his journey across the polished tiles. “Why the hell did you have to look at the snow globe?” he asks. “Yeah, yeah, that’s a rhetorical question,” he adds as he parks his silent companion down on a convenient bench just outside the restrooms. It’s quieter here for sure, darker too as the gaudy Christmas lighting doesn’t quite reach all the way back.

Blair sighs and sits down on the bench as well. He reaches out a hand and cups Jim’s jaw. “Okay, this is what we’re going to do. We’re going to dial down one sense at a time, all right, Jim? Good. Here we go…”

“You’re not going to let me live this down, are you?”

Blair shrugs. He’s well aware he can make some good mileage out of this if he plays his cards right.

“Come on, Chief.” Jim comes up behind him and nuzzles the back of his neck and Blair lifts his head just enough so Jim can get to that sweet spot just under Blair’s ear. Oh yeah.

“Okay,” Jim says finally. “You were right, I was wrong. Snow globes aren’t good for Sentinels.”

Blair turns and fixes him with a glare. “Do you promise you’ll listen to me next time I tell you something like this?”

“Aw, honey, I always listen,” Jim replies but he’s smiling, the bastard.

Blair whacks him on the ass then leans in and kisses him… just because. “Yeah,” Blair replies,“ be nice if you took notice once in a while too. Do you realize how crazy I must have looked dragging you along through that mall like a human mannequin?”

“Want me to make it up to you?” Jim whispers, leaning in close and licking right over that sweet spot.

“Damn straight,” Blair replies, grabbing his hand and towing him up the stairs to their bedroom.

Tags: jim/blair, ts slash fic, ts_secret_santa
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