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Well color me stunned. I just got an LoC for a TS gen fic where
I described Jim's son as having blond hair. The writer said

The story was good. But Jim's hair is brown. The kid who played
him as a nine year old had brown hair. It always ruins the story for
me when a writer refers to Jim or any of his off spring as having
blond hair. ~M//

I explained in my note back to her that I hadn't said what color
hair Jim's wife had.
But what really got me was that apparently describing the hair color
of an imaginary child wrong can completely destroy a "good" fic.

Well, hot damn.


I should add that even though this fic was a genre I rarely write (a teeny bit of het in the beginning to fit in with the wishlist of my Secret Santa recipient) I've had nothing but good reviews for it.> Sheesh - must get it thru my thick skull before I write another TS fic - Jim's hair is brown therefore his children have brown hair. If I forget, I'm counting on all of you to remind me!
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