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Just back from Stargate 2011 Adelaide

What a blast. Small and intimate crowd, we were three rows from the front so got to see everyone up close. Cliff Simon (Ba'al) is very sexy in person, looks much younger in RL than as Ba'al. He told us a lot about his career and was very much into his fans and how much he loves being able to meet them in person. Kavan Smith had the audience in absolute stitches. He's very risque at times and told some absolutely hysterical stories about his family life and his acting career so far. At one point his handler asked people to stop taking photos and he said very firmly, "Hey, no! I don't mind. Let them take as many as they want." He was very sweet when I chatted to him at the autograph table, I got a gorgeous pic of him signed and he shook my hand twice. Paul McGillion was wonderful. He does an eerily accurate imitation of Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett and told us some great stories about the jokes they played on each other on the set. It was my first con and I can't wait to go to another one.

More to follow later once I get my excited thoughts in order and write up a proper report.

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