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SGA Reverse bang art

Made for melagan's story for the 2017 sgareversebang, Dragon Charmer.
Link to story: Dragon Charmer

Okay, 3rd try at uploading this. From my dropbox this time. I have no idea why others can't see this. The entry is public and some people can see it and some can't. My apologies. If you follow the link in the first comment to the entry on the sgareversebang comm, you can see the art there.

Little Daniel fic written for sg_fignewton's Alphabet Soup for Gen Fic Day

X Is For Xipe TotecCollapse )

New The Sentinel gen fic" Bygones"

Written for a themefic challenge on Sentinelangst with the prompt: What happened to Jim's Mom?"
Many thanks to devra_01 for the alpha read and to alynt for the quick beta. I fiddled with it after she finished so any remaining errors are my fault. Hope you enjoy it though. Been so long since I've written anything I felt quite rusty and can only hope it's enjoyable.

BygonesCollapse )

Art for Sentinel Big Bang

Made for In Search Of A Bond by Franscats. You can find the art and story here:

In Search Of A Bond

The Sentinel Big Bang Art 2016

The Sentinel Nostalgia Big Bang is now live. You can find the masterlist of fics and art here

Big Bang Masterlist

Made for swellison's story "Blessed Protector, More Blessed".

artCollapse )

SG1 gen fic Yesterday and Tomorrow

Written for sg_fignewton's Epistolary Alphabet Soup. I chose the letter Y.

Post season finale. Jack and Daniel friendship. Jack POV.

FicCollapse )

A Secret Shared (SG1 slash, J/D)

Written for lunabee34 for the Jack/Daniel Ficathon XII

Thanks to alynt for the beta and as always to devra_01, my sister from another mother, for the encouragement and love.

Summary: Sometimes it's nice to be able to share a secret with friends you trust

A Secret SharedCollapse )

Fic: Losing It (The Sentinel, slash, PG)

Written originally for the TS Reverse Bang but unfortunately I didn't have time to finish it by the deadline. Many thanks to pattrose for her cheerleading, alynt for the speedy beta anddevra_01 for her constant friendship and support for my writing even when it's not one of her fandoms. Patt kindly allowed me to use the title art she'd originally made for my story so I've added it. It was wonderfully evocative and almost told the story on its own.

Losing ItCollapse )

Various bits of art

A John Sheppard wall from the episode Rising. And the two pieces I made for the Sentinel Reverse Bang this year.

see the picsCollapse )



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