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I haven't been around online much in the past few weeks, in between doctor's appointments, and more doctor's appointments, plus finally finishing An Everchanging Life (the TS gen fic Victoria May started ages ago and asked me to finish for her), zine tribs up the wazoo, babysitting and preparing for the newest grandchild who's only a couple of weeks away.

Went to a lovely wedding today. The marriage of a girl who's been my daughter's best friend since they were 8 (17 years) and my son in law's best friend. It was gorgeous. Sarika looked stunning, as did her bridesmaids - Sarah, my daughter, included, Hayden was handsome.

It was a wonderfully colorful wedding as Sarika is half Fijian-Indian and all her female relatives wore their gorgeous saris and had jewelled bindis on hteir foreheads. Just beautiful.

So I'm back trying to get through my friends'pages to find out what I've missed.
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